Real Sock Mockup Design Guide

Please download the mockup file before starting the Real Sock Mockup Design Guide.

We have published the article “Sock Illustrator/Photoshop Design Mockup Guide“, but they are different. This Real mockup is a photo of the real socks, mixed with the design, with a more realistic preview.

real socks mockup sample
real socks mockup sample

Just like this picture, now let’s start designing, Please check if you are ready:

  • Download our socks design mockup(in this page top), support AI(Adobe Illustrator) and PS(Adobe Photoshop).
  • Your computer has been installed AI/PS and you know how to use them
  • Your computer can be connected to the network (not necessary, just use this when you need look for some color information)

1.Select the real socks mockup you need

Choose from the following templates, including children’s socks, crew socks, knee sport football socks, and more will be updated later.

Real Sock Mockup list
Real Sock Mockup list

Find the corresponding mockup file, open it.

2. Design your socks pattern

When you open the file you will find the default design demo. On the right side of the mockup is a large sock design pattern. We recommend that you design your socks separately, instead of starting the design directly on the socks mockup. But if you are a simple pattern or just your logo you can skip and go to next step.

socks mockup demo show
socks mockup demo show

The complete design pattern is very beneficial to our socks knitting machine code, we don’t need to spend more time extracting patterns.

3.Update your design preview

Copy the pattern you designed to the top of the “design folder”, above the “demo” layer. Adjust the position of the sock design pattern so that it is displayed at the left socks.

add you design on demo design top
add you design on demo design top

Find the “toe heel cuff” layer whose color represents the color of the toe, heel and cuff. If you want to modify the color of different parts individually, you can find separate graphics in the hidden “heel and cuff” group.

change toe heel cuff color
change toe heel cuff color

4. Save and Send

Remember to save your design, the size of the mockup is normal A4 paper size, you can print directly.

Contact us when you are ready, or send it to [email protected] and we will respond soon.


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