Hand Draw Sock Template Guide

Please download the template file before starting the Hand Draw Sock Template Guide.

Many of our customers are not designers and they don’t know how to use PS/AI, so we designed this hand-painted template, and customers can start sketching quickly on the blank sock template.

If you are a new user and need customize socks, you can read our Custom Socks Guide first.

This sock hand-painted template help you design your socks quickly without any foundation of designing, and finally we will improve your design till it is perfect.

Please pay attention to the following items before starting:

  • Download our hand-painted socks design template
  • You need a printer (the one can print A4 paper) because you must print the templet in a paper first, and then draw your sketch on that.
  • Pencil is suggested, which can be modified in time.

Ok, let’s start now.

1.Select the socks template you need and print.

socks hand-painted template

socks hand-painted template

We have prepared six different hand-painted blank templates for you: the templates of baby, children, invisible socks, ankle socks, anklets, and knee socks, select anyone from them according to your needs. If you want more other socks templates, please contact us.

2.Draw the socks designing with your pencil

Each blank template has its own picture, and you will see the dimension elements of a sock: side, front, back. You will find that this is actually a coloring game, maybe you can leave it to your children and they will make an amazing works.

Hand Draw Sock Template

examples of hand-painted socks design

During designing, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Try to use pencils for easy modification
  • You can mark the size, color number, or something need to notice, which will be easy for us to understand
  • It may be more effective to use a colored pencil or pens with different colors.
  • If you have socks, you can draw your designing according to its size

When you have finished designing, scan or take photos and send to us. We look forward to seeing your amazing design. Usually, in our quick responding, we will give some reasonable advice and improve it.

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